Copy of ‘Carpet Weavers, Morocco’ Carol Rumens

The poem below is from the 2007-2009 selection from Songs of Ourselves Anthology, produced by CIE. I particularly loved the selection that year and my favorites were ‘Muliebrity’ by Sujata Bhatt and Carol Rumens’‘Carpet Weavers, Morocco’.  The purpose of including ‘Carpet Weavers, Morocco’ is to add to the experience of reading the ‘Model Essay’ response.

Carpet-weavers, Morocco Carol Rumens


The children are at the loom of another world.

Their braids are oiled and black, their dresses bright.

Their assorted heights would make a melodious chime.

They watch their flickering knots like television.

As the garden of Islam grows, the bench will be raised. 5

Then they will lace the dark-rose veins of the tree-tops.

The carpet will travel in the merchant’s truck.

It will be spread by the servants of the mosque.

Deep and soft, it will give when heaped with prayer.

The children are hard at work in the school of days. 10

From their fingers the colours of all-that-will-be fly

and freeze into the frame of all-that-was.


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