IGCSE Poems for Examination in 2012

From Songs of Ourselves from Part 3 (Poems from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries): Poems 96 to 109 inclusive, i.e. the following fourteen poems:
Thomas Hardy, ‘The Voice’
Allen Curnow, ‘Time’
Mathew Arnold, ‘Dover Beach’
Adrienne Rich, ‘Amends’
Ted Hughes, ‘Full Moon and Little Frieda’
Gillian Clarke, ‘Lament’
John Keats, ‘The Grasshopper and The Cricket’
Vachel Lindsay, ‘The Flower-fed Buffaloes’
Boey Kim Cheng, ‘Report to Wordsworth’
John Clare, ‘First Love’
Dennis Scott, ‘Marrysong’
George Gordon Lord Byron, ‘So, We’ll Go No More A-Roving’
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Sonnet 43
(‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!’)
Edna St Vincent Millay, Sonnet 29
(‘Pity me not because the light of day’)


10 thoughts on “IGCSE Poems for Examination in 2012

  1. i think the best way would be to read through the poem and assess your reaction to it…find out waht it is generally about.confirm your viewpoint by crosschecking what others believ the poem is about.next step would be to see how did the poetic personae conveyed this idea: what literary devices did he use: the voice, the tone conveyed through the choice of words, the movement in th poem (consider use of personified moonlight and its movememnt in “flicks, licks, … and the alliteration….) what effect does it create? and how much does this literary device achieve the purpose of the voice? another way would be to consider the meaning of the title and how this reflected in the poem? where is there “amends”? making amends would imply “pacification”, working towards peace…another way could be working by contrast: think of t he Word “nights…” and “moon” and contrast it with “day and sun”…sun is brightness,eclat, blinding light, eyesoring at midday…. bt moolight is luminosity, softness, freshness, drowsiness…n night can be extended to sleep,repos, of the body n the soul , the mind…
    another perspective would be to consider the poem at planetary level: earth and moon are within the cosmos and are interelated… monlight laying its cheek on the sands…. very hor d’ordinaire….

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