Sound-Bites: John Clare’s ‘First Love’

Here are some readings/presentations of John Clare’s ‘First Love’ – check out the hardware shop version for a giggle.

An exquisite reading of the poem.

A superb short film version of the poem -set in a hardware/nursery shop!

Students by the names of Jamie and Oz put Clare’s ‘First Love’ to music

Not the most original of presentations, and the lines of the poem ‘flash’ too quickly, however, it shows what can be achieved on Window Movie Maker.


14 thoughts on “Sound-Bites: John Clare’s ‘First Love’

  1. The poem First love by John Clare is about the sudden feelings and emotions when your first love hits you. It is also about how your first love is not always as you would like it to be. Clare conveys his message by explaining about his feelings and emotions in quite detail. He also uses similes to describe the beauty of the person that he just fell in love with.

  2. ‘First Love,’ a poem expressing the feelings you get when seeing someone that has caught your heart and attention from the distance in less than one second. In this poem, the poet is writing about how he felt when he had his very first ‘love at first sight’, and he does this by using very easy words in order for the readers to understand perfectly the feelings he had inside; he wants to be clear. The poet conveys
    his message by using lots of metaphors, personification, hyperboles and similes, which will reinforce his ideas and make the ways he expresses stronger, giving us an impact of different feelings. The way the writer is showing all of these makes it easy for us to put ourselves in his situation and therefore, have a better understanding of the reading and the poet as well.

  3. The poem entitled ‘First Love’ is describing to the reader what the poet (John Clare) felt when he first laid eyes on a woman that he thought was extremely attractive. This poem is focused mainly on what the poet feels when he sees love at first sight, both his physical reactions and his mental reactions. The poet conveys his message
    by using simple, direct words that are easy to understand, but at the same time, explains his feelings in great detail. He also using similes, and metaphors to help the reader get a more clear image of what he felt when he saw the girl.

  4. The poem ‘First Love’ is about a man who experiences
    love at first sight. The feeling of love strikes him in the
    heart as he sees her. The poet is trying to explain this very complicated feeling by using very simple and well known
    comparisons and metaphors. The poet also tries to describe
    the girl’s beauty which made him fall in love with her. He cannot fully describe what it is that makes him strive to get her attention, but all he know and all he needs to know, is that what he feels is love.

  5. ‘First Love’, is a poem by John Clare which is a description of the feelings which the writer felt when he saw a woman he really liked, felt tremendously in love. Then, how she gave him the cold shoulder, and how he was changed forever after meeting her. He conveys his feelings through similes, comparing inanimate objects to people and alliterations, using the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in the line of a verse. He also hyperbolises his words, or exaggerating his words and a simple rhyme scheme of ABAB, CDCD and so on. He uses simple words which are easy to comprehend, making it easy for readers to understanding him

  6. The poem ‘First Love’ is about love at first sight, and all the different sensations that occur in one’s head in that moment when it happens. It’s about a man who was struck by the loveliness of a woman. The poet conveys his message by describing the things that were happening to him as he saw her face, that ‘bloomed like a sweet flower’. He uses contrasts, as first he went pale, froze to one place, and his heart was stolen away complete. Afterwards he goes on saying that blood rushed to his face, everything around him started moving crazily, and his heart was burning. And in the end he concludes that, no matter what happens next, no matter if a relationship will develop between them or not, he could never go back to live the same way that he live before, as this strong sensation changed him completely.

  7. The poem ‘First Love’by John Clare describes the feeling that anyone will feel someday when they find their ‘true love’ or ‘love at first sight’. He describes the day that happened to him, when he saw a certain girl he knew she was the one. He expresses his feelings towards her with a grandeur poem. The rhymes give a certain romantical flow to it. The lavish language and metaphores he uses is in a joie de vivre contrast.

  8. ‘First Love’ is a general love poem written by John Clare. It tells you about what he felt and thought when he first saw his love . By mentioning the word ‘struck’ at the first line, he gave us strong focus in the poem. The poem shows that he falls into love right away just by seeing her face, and also gave us how he showed, how fast his love finished, and burnt away. Also, this poem conveys his feelings mainly by using the general words that we use for love, but he still explains it in detail. Also, there are very many words start with s and this ‘s’ sounds give us soft images. The poet ‘John Clare’ uses simple direct words, but he gave us great clear images. Also, middle of the poem he mentions the word word clay and at he last sentence he said ’And can return no more’, meaning he can’t be person he was and can’t go back.

  9. The poem “First Love” by John Clare is a poem about a young man who is struck by the intense and immense feelings of love, infatuation and other mixed feelings for the first time. In the beginning of the poem, the author explains the first moment of his awestruck love. In lines 6 to 8, the author gives us the physical effect of love. These symptoms gives to the reader that the man was physically unable to move due to the intensity of the love hitting him, leaving him paralyzed. In line 8, he explains how his environment had turn into ‘clay’. This could possibly be a metaphor on how his life is easily ‘sculpted’ or ‘modified’ by the woman he loves. Then, right after line 8, the young man has returned from his ‘dream’, and ‘blood rushed to his face’, meaning he’s starting to blush. The line, ‘ And took my eyesight quite away’ shows that he could not see anything else but her and was metaphorically blind. Unfortunately, the last 8 lines of the poem broke the feeling of love in his heart. In the last 8 lines, the author explains about how the young man has fallen back to his reality and faces the fact that the girl would not feel the same.

    He conveys the effect of love and shock by the usage of similes and metaphors in several lines. His other method of conveying this emotion is by rhyming and constantly ending every 2 lines with the same sound. This makes the reader feel a bit delightful and optimistic due to the melody the rhyming has created. By reusing the phrase, “I never saw so sweet a face” in the poem, the writer uses it in the beginning to give us the first impression of the girl when he first sees her and tells the reader that he still continues to think the same after he is back to reality although more on a melancholic tone.

  10. the general poem talks about the poet and his case of love , as he experiences love for first love but its often unusual and not lasting anymore as the lady who he loves , she is not sharing the same feelings.So throughout the poem you will read and it shows clearly how john is affected emotionally and physically by this unrequited love using fine images for the reader to show understanding and feel his situation.

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