Sound-Bites: ‘The Flower-fed Buffaloes’ by Vachel Lindsay


3 thoughts on “Sound-Bites: ‘The Flower-fed Buffaloes’ by Vachel Lindsay

  1. Every single poem has a meaning and a moral towards their work. In the poem entitled “The Flower Fed Buffaloes,” the author cleverly uses alliteration and assonance to give the readers a clear image on how and why the buffaloes suddenly disappeared. In the line eleven and twelve, the author quotes “They gore no more, they bellow no more, They trundle around the hills no more.” This proves that the buffaloes are disappearing and the only things left are the traces of the buffaloes. And I really like how the author repeats the “no more.” In the the last three lines, the author constantly repeated Lying Low three times. I believe this is very clever because by constantly repeating the words Lying Low, it gives us an image that the buffaloes are slowly disappearing.

    1. Ok. But re-read my comment about ‘clever’ and ‘author’. Your summaries are all beginning to sound like one another. You need to adopt a unique voice and tackle the poems as separate poems, and write about them less transparently so you capture the poet’s intentions.

  2. The main idea of this poem is the loss of buffaloes as a result of human beings’ destructive and inconsiderate activities. To convey this idea the poet has condensed his feeling of grief into lines of powerful language through alliteration and repetition. The repetitive phrases ‘no more’ and ‘lying low’ are presented continuously to appeal the readers of how the buffaloes had disappeared by giving a clear image of playing buffaloes fading away. It is very clearly shown that the poet is nostalgic of the buffaloes ,but it left quite ambiguious whether the poet is antiprogress or neutral.

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