Movie-Poem Assignment


Movie/Presentation of a Poem from the Anthology


Hello Grade Nine,

I am using the term ‘Movie/Presentation’ very loosely, but the bottom line is –you will be given a poem from the CIE Anthology and will be expected to create an audio visual presentation of the poem. We have looked at a few examples created in class from students across the world on You Tube when we have been introduced to a new poem.

Now it’s our turn

To create bigger and better ones.

1) You are to select a number of images which best suit the words/line in the poem from the internet. Please try to aim for consistency in quality, style (if you are using photos, do NOT change and start looking for cartoons).

2) You will need to use Windows Movie Maker or some other program (not Powerpoint) so that there is a sense of ‘movement’ achieved.

3) If you decide to do it on PREZI you will need to see me, as this lends itself to a different kind of presentation.

4) You will require music, and you will need to record your voice over it-as you will be reading the poem

Name Poem Name Poem
Daniel Time Brian Lok Time
Andrey Full Moon And Little Frieda Benedicte Amends
Clarence Lament Diana Full Moon And Little Frieda
Se-One The Grasshopper and The Cricket Alex Lament
Cara The Flower-Fed Buffaloes Brian K Dover Beach
Celeste Report To Wordsworth Arisa Sonnet 29
Anna Anna Adarsh The Flower-Fed Buffaloes
Nick H Marrysong Nick J Report To Wordsworth
Tom Amends

You will be marked on:

  • Your ability to select images appropriate to the meaning of the text
  • Images and music reflect the tone of the piece (music should not have lyrics being sung)
  • Your ability to speak the poem
  • The timing
  • Originality (ie not selecting the first images you see on Google)

You must submit this as a file to on Wednesday 27th April


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