CIE Set Poems for 2013-2014

For those of you wondering what poems have been chosen when the current selection is no longer being offered, well here they are.


Sujata Bhatt, ‘A Different History’

Gerard Manley Hopkins, ‘Pied Beauty’

Allen Curnow, ‘Continuum’

Edwin Muir, ‘Horses’

Judith Wright, ‘Hunting Snake’

Ted Hughes, ‘Pike’

Christina Rossetti, ‘A Birthday’

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ‘The Woodspurge’

Kevin Halligan, ‘The Cockroach’

Margaret Atwood, ‘The City Planners’

Boey Kim Cheng, ‘The Planners’

Norman MacCaig, ‘Summer Farm’

Elizabeth Brewster, ‘Where I Come From’

William Wordsworth, ‘Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’


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