Lament For Japan

Through a detailed exploration of Gillian Clarke’s poem we learnt that ‘Lament’ is an expression of sorrow. Clarke’s ‘Lament’ is for the destruction caused by the Gulf War which had serious repercussions on the environment.  Although not man-made, the double tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on Friday made us think about the fragility of our existence. Below is our expression of sorrow for Japan.

Task: Based upon the structure of Clarke’s poem ‘Lament’ write three lines making use of the word ‘For’.  Time limit: 10 minutes.

Lament: For Japan

For the shattered cities, fields and homes.

For the broken bones, families and hearts.

For the fear and panic, hunger and devastation.

For the warning comes but no one lends an ear

The second warning comes but no one cares to hear

The third warning comes but sadly no one see things clear

For the people, buried deep under the debris

For the innocent, waiting for their loved ones

For the men hard at work, searching for the never ending dead.

For Death who knocked on a door nearby,

Think of all those who wouldn’t die,

All that hope you couldn’t take

For the nightmare ocean pushing us down

Dragging and pulling, so no one could reach the top

Now, we are flying the dark sky.

For the hundreds of helpless, innocent souls

who were washed away from all things they once loved

For the world, in hope that everyone will hear the people of Japan.

For the world, it was the day of sadness,

The monstrous wave which raced along Japan

For the people with no one, nothing left.


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