Welcome Back

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back! This term promises to be a busy one. Next week is the musical (if you haven’t bought your tickets, do so now!), there is also Action Week and end-of-year exams. By the end of this year we will have technically finished the First Language Course, and about one-third of the Literature (next year we will be looking at the prescribed novel The Great Gatsby and the drama/play Death of a Salesman (unconfirmed, but pretty much for certain).

The focus for the next couple of weeks is to complete the ‘Movie assignment’. I hope you have all had a chance to see the poem you have been given. By the end of this week, it would be greatly appreciated if you have all the technology sorted out.

*Do you have WindowsMovieMaker or the equivalent?

*Can you record your voice in a manner that is clear and loud enough? You can probably do this through your phones or MP3 players-but don’t leave it to the last-minute! In order to know what technology is available, you need to assess what you have.

By the time I have finished this post, this blog will have received close on 3000 hits. I wanted to celebrate at 2000, but I was flying back to Malaysia at the time. I would like to thank my students again for their contributions -thank you to you for taking the opportunity to visit this site, thus making the experience of reading and studying literature  a more dynamic experience. Many of you have expressed in your comments that you have found it very helpful, and in that, we have achieved our aim.




One thought on “Welcome Back

  1. Thanks a ton for this blog…its a saviour…can u please tel me if there is any help for ssssStories of ourselves book too for igcse..we have ten stories in all…please help…aishwarya

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