Powerpoints on IGCSE Poems (2010-2012 Selection)

Below are some links to various power-point presentations on the CIE Anthology Poems examined in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Some are more detailed than others, though I think you will find each one useful when developing your understanding of the poems. They may prove to be helpful when revising for the Poetry section of the exam. You will note that not all the poems have been included. That’s because in my hunting-and-gathering I didn’t come across presentations on those poems. These ones, however, should be enough to get you thinking about the sorts of things you need to consider when composing a written response.



On the Grasshopper and the Cricket

First Love

Full Moon and Little Frieda


Report to Wordsworth

Sonnet 29

Sonnet 43



14 thoughts on “Powerpoints on IGCSE Poems (2010-2012 Selection)

  1. Thank you so much! These powerpoint help me so much with my IGCSE English first language! Thank you!

  2. This was amazing help………………keep doing this ………….you helped me more then my teacher lol

    1. Hi Camron! Is the Lit exam is tomorrow? Are you sitting for it this year? Wishing you all the best. We have one more year to go:) Glad that you have found it useful. Good luck!

    1. Yes, we haven’t quite started on the 2013 anthology so those presentation will take time to create and source. If you find any, let me know!

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