Audio-visual Presentations of CIE Anthology of Poems (2010-12)

And so the Big Day has arrived-the official launch of our audio-visual presentations on the selection of poems to be examined next year (this year, if you happen to be in Grade 10 or Year 11). The idea was to be as cinematic as possible ,and, whilst it has been mostly the first time we have all used windows movie maker, or imovie, to create a presentation in this sort of way, just about every one of them has a hint of a future film-maker. I am also impressed with the wide-selection of music chosen -eerily appropriate in many cases. I must take the opportunity to give a global ‘thanks’ to teachers out there who inspired this project on Youtube with their classes (some of which can be seen in the category called: ‘Soundbites’.) We really enjoyed ourselves,and would love to share them with YOU.


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