Poetry Exam Questions for Grade 9

The end of year exam will comprise of a full English First Language Exam and an ‘únssen’ Poetry/Prose one for English Literature.

The unseen Poetry/Prose one is Paper 5 for English Literature and is one where your annotation assignment will help you, insofar that you will know how to anlayse a poem and search for meaning. You will also have a choice of analysing a piece of fiction, so you dont have to do the poem.

As you will have two major end of year exams, I have decided to do the Songs of Ourselves Poetry Exam in-class. When you do this paper ‘for real’, you will only have 45mins to do the Poetry section, then you will have to move on to Prose and Drama (both of which will be 45mins). Also there is procedure when it comes to answering the questions in the real exam which I will tell you about once we have fully explored the content of each style of literature.

As this is the first time you will have written about a poem under timed conditions, I have decided to give you questions and a clean copy of the poems well in advance. You must not bring any other additional notes to the exam.

Time Limit: 1hr

Equipment: Questions, Lined Paper, Clean Copies of Poems.

Exam Date: 9B Wedneday 11th May Period One

                         9A Thurday 12th May Period Three

1) Re-read ‘Time’.

Explore the ways in which the poet uses imagery in the poem.

2) In EITHER Marrysong (by Dennis Scott) OR First Love (by John Clare) explore how the poet’s words vividly portray love.

3) Sounds of words can contribute powerfully to a poems effect and meaning. Explore some examples of this from at least two poems that you have studied from this section of Songs Of Ourselves.

4) Explore how EITHER  The Flower-Fed Buffaloes (by Vachel Lindsay) or Report To Wordsworth (Boey Kim Cheng) powerfully conveys feelings about human impact on the environment.

5) Explore how Clarke uses the medium of poetry to explore social concerns in ‘Lament’.

6) Explore the way in which Clare has used language and other poetic devices to present the experience of falling in love in ‘First Love’.

7) Explore the way in which Dennis Scott has used language and other poetic devices to convey the relationship in ‘Marrysong’.



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