Poster Assignment and Objectives Due May 25th

Poster Assignment and Objectives

The purpose of this assignment is to create a visually stunning and informative poster on a poem from the Songs Of Ourselves selection. To help you with your assignment, you should reflect upon your previous assignments and blog/journal responses to the poem. The blog contains ample information on the poems, and some include power-points. Your task is to use this information wisely, and create something spectacular.

Your poster should include:

Content (the information)

Ideas: themes, issues, thoughts and feelings

Voice: narrator, the tone and viewpoint

Form: shape of stanzas, line length, sentence length, enjambment and form

Imagery: symbolism, metaphors, similes, personification, oxymoron etc

Grammatical Features: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, articles. Also consider syntax.

Sound: rhyme, rhythm and meter and repetition .Consider alliteration, sibilance, assonance, short and long vowel sounds, harsh or soft consonant sounds and onomatopoeia.

Biography: Writer’s background may be important, but this would be the least essential component.

Instructions: You will need to think about how you are going to divide up the information. Most of you will find that you will have too much information. Therefore you will need to consider the significance of the information and its relevance to the understanding of the poem.

Your poster should not be full of pictures-information is essential! Consider the choice in font size when typing out the information. Certainly the minimum font size should be about 14pt.

Rubrics for Poetry Poster


You have achieved a balance between information and visual aspects of the poster.

The information you have selected is mostly in your own words.

Your information covers the key aspects of poetry: imagery, structure, sound, tone, grammar, theme, voice, biography.

Your information has been presented in a way that it can be read easily.

Your information contains helpful subheadings to direct your readers’ attention.

It is evident from the poster that you have a developed understanding of the poem.

Your poster captures the mood of your poem through visual representation.

The information you have provided has been carefully edited

Additional comments

I like this poster because

Area/s for improvement is/are


3 thoughts on “Poster Assignment and Objectives Due May 25th

  1. awww,i’m doing poems for 2011,and i think i’m going to create poster too 🙂 it’s a really nice concept ❤ and by the way,I LOVE THIS really helps me for my exams as i'm doing it privately :3

    1. That’s great Monica! It’s hard to be motivated when you are doing the course on your own. Hang in there! Let me know what Prose and Drama you are doing this year as well, and maybe I can put up some stuff for you!

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