Summer is nearly here

Hello Grade Nine,

We have such little time left until it’s summer holidays. On one hand I am truly looking forward to a LONG break, but at the same time I am sad that a few us will be leaving the school. I will write a post on that one another time. For now, though, it’s important that I let you know what is happening for the remaining part of the term up to Action Week.

Week Beginning 23rd May

Poems to cover : Full Moon… and Sonnet 29

Week Beginning 30th May

Poems to cover: Amends


Wednesday 1st June the Poetry Poster is Due


Week Beginning 6th June

Monday 6th June EXAM for all of Grade Nine: Full First Language Paper (Q 1, Q2, Q3)

Tuesday 7th June EXAM-all of Grade Nine Literature (Unseen), Period 1 and 2

Week beginning 13th June

Poem to cover: Dover Beach

Tuesday 14th June: All Day Poetry Workshop –Grade Nine will do ‘On A Grasshopper and Cricket’ during this session.




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