End of Year Exam For Grade 9

Dear Grade Nine,

Your end of Year Exam is on Monday 6th June and Tuesday 7th. Both classes will be doing the exam at the same time. The location at the time of writing this post is unclear – but it is more than likely that it will be in the hall on the 5th floor ( I will get back to you on that one).

Monday 6th June – full First Language Paper (English) 1 1/2 hours Period 1 and 2

Question 1: Written Response based on Passage A

  • Here you could be expected to write a leaflet, report, interview, persuasive speech, letter.
  • A good answer is one that is focused and shows that you are certain of the requirements of the task.
  • The material must stem from the passage
  • There should not be too much reliance on invented material as the task is to manipulate the language and information in to a new type of text. For example, you could be given a passage that is informative, and probably appears in magazine, and you might be asked to write a letter of complaint.
  • This question really is all about the audience you are writing for and how well you communicate the purpose in writing.
  • Also you need to probably discuss a range of ideas.


  • Question Two: The One about Language and the effectiveness of word choices and literary devices.
  • You may use quotations here.
  • You must discuss the effects of language, and any literary devices that you think has been employed by the writer, if any
  • Think how it affects the reader – the mood and atmosphere being  created, tone and the impact on the reader. 

Question 3: The Summary

  • You must aim to answer the question at hand-do not merely copy out statements. You need to show that you have answered the question.
  • Do NOT use quotation marks -even if you are using the words passage.
  • Divide up your writing into TWO big blocks/paragraphs of writing (you will be able to tell the best way to structure your answer by the bullets points -sometimes you can divide your ideas according to the passages. Passage B can be one paragraph and Passage A another paragraph.

For all questions, be sure that you have tried to answer the question -you are also being assessed on following the instructions -your ability to respond to the requirements of the task-as well as your understanding of the passages.

Tuesday 7th June – Literature (Unseen) 1 1/2 hours Period One and Two

Paper Five – Literature (Unseen)

This is the first time you will have all attempted this Paper. As you are now probably aware you will be getting two grades-one for First Language and one for Literature, if you choose to sit for the IGCSE.

When you sit for the Literature one-there will be two papers -Paper One is (Poetry, Prose and Drama) and Paper Five Literature (Unseen). We have finished one third of Paper One, and next year we will do a novel and play. Paper Five is different -and is worth about 20% of your IGCSE Literature grade. You do not have to study texts for Paper Five as it is ‘unseen’ -you do not know what will come out on the paper. However, there will be a poem, and some prose (fiction).

Basically, you have to answer a question, which is usually about analysing the theme, language, possibly the impact on the reader. At this stage the best approach is to simply do what you have been doing with the poetry-analysing language, and learning to respond to a question.

Throughout the exam, I will keep track of the time for you. With Paper One, I will advise you when to move on to the next question so that we are learning how to manage our time better, and to our advantage.


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