The Taste Of Watermelon-Test

“The Taste of Watermelon” – TEST Grade 10 Literature

1. Name three characteristics of the boy at the beginning of the story. (3)

2. Name three characteristics the boy develops through his experience (at the end of the story).(3)

3. Choose the MOST correct answer for each (circle): (1 mark each)

i. The boy decided to steal the seed melon because

  • he wanted Willadean to agree to date him.
  • he was hungry.
  • he wanted to challenge an older man.
  • hw wanted “the bunch” to accept him.

ii. The boys are afraid of

  • Mr. Wills.
  • Mrs. Wills.
  • the newly matured Willadean.
  • Mr. Wills’ reputation.

iii. Both “Secrets” and “The Taste of Watermelon” deal with secrets. Their shared

message about secrets is

  • that there are no tangible (real) punishments for keeping secrets.
  • that life goes on regardless of whether or not you keep secrets.
  • Admitting your lies will benefit everyone in the end.
  • You may lose someone through lying, but it will be someone you would have
  • lost anyway.

4. Why does Mr. Wills destroy his prized melon patch? Explain, giving two distinct, clear

reasons. Consider his emotions at the time. (2)

5. What scene in “The Taste of Watermelon” is an example of Resolution? Of Restitution? (2)


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