The Incredibles : Quotation Homework

For homework each of you have been given a quotation to be completed tonight.

The instructions are:

Open a word document

Copy the quotation

Under the quotation address the bullet points in detail, in FULL SENTENCES. It should be one block of writing.

Cut and paste into comment box below this post

I look forward to receiving them!!


Miss Mayer


25 thoughts on “The Incredibles : Quotation Homework

  1. 2/6/12
    Josh Guenther 8Y
    Incredible’s Quotation
    ‘Dad always our powers are nothing to be ashamed of, our powers make us special’ (Dash)
    Dash appears to be going through an identity crisis because he is told to act as a normal kid, but his urge to use his powers overcome him and he gets into trouble constantly. His mom doesn’t let him try out for sports because his powers would make him incredibly fast and cause suspicion, and this frustrates Dash. I think he’s made to feel ashamed because they aren’t normal, and that everybody should be equal. I agree with that, because everyone should be able to do the same things everyone else does. In addition to that, as Helen said, everyone’s special in his or her own way.

    1. Good work Josh, and generally well expressed. I think you probably mean that by being treated equal, everyone should have the same opportunities to succeed in life? Also I think there is a statement being made about mediocrity – Dash’s father seems to be advocating that mediocrity is a great evil, and that we are all unique and should be reaching out toward our potential. I think that the Incredible family should be teaching their kids how to use their powers carefully …

  2. “Everyone’s special Dash” (Helen)

    By saying that ‘everyone’s special’ Mrs Parr means that each individual is unique. She means that everyone has distinct strengths and weaknesses, personalities, appearances and abilities. Dash is disappointed because his mother won’t let him to go out for sports thinking that he will show off his incredible speed and blow his cover. So, Dash interprets her statement in a negative way by saying that is another way of saying no-one is. If everyone has their own power or ability, it’s not special anymore because everyone has one.

  3. “You see, they’re finally recognising your talents” – Helen.
    Helen is very happy with her husband, Bob, because she thinks he has been promoted in the insurance company. Also they are sending him to a conference. Bob’s boss has never liked him, but now Helen thinks he has finally recognised Bob’s talents. This is a lie, because the truth is that Bob just got fired and he is not going to a conference, but a secret superhero-trip, and he doesn’t want to tell Helen this. Bob’s employers will never recognise his talents because they are secret and he can’t tell anyone who he really is.

    1. Thank you Hanna – well done. I really like how you turn your attention to Bob’s employers – you are right, they will never recognise his talents because he can’t be himself. ‘Secret Super-hero trip’ makes me laugh! Sounds like an awesome expedition!

  4. Laura Benggaard 8Y
    Incredibles Quotation.

    ‘Sometimes I think I’d like the simple life, you know. Relax a little and raise a family…’ (Mr. Incredible, interview.)

    In the interview, Mr. Incredible expresses that he would like to have a simple life, relax and raise a family. I think Mr. Incredible feels this way because he is annoyed that he always has to help people and never really gets the chance to relax and be himself. I also think that he says this because he is frustrated that every time he saves a city from being attacked, it always goes back to being in complete chaos again. He just wants everything to stay the way it is. Some pressures that are associated with being a superhero is that you have to help everyone who needs help from a superhero because if a superhero misses something they can get sued which in Mr. Incredibles case is what happened to him. He tried to save a man’s life but the man didn’t want to be saved so the man sued Mr. Incredible and had all the other superheroes go back to a life in their hidden identity. I do think that Mr. Incredible really wants to settle down and relax because he hardly has anytime for that when he is a superhero but I don’t think he has thought it fully through. I don’t think it comes as a surprise to me that a superhero sometimes wants a normal life and be like normal people.

    1. Excellent work Laura as it is detailed and you refer to the film to support your ideas. I agree, there are times when a superhero wants to relax, but not retire or be forced to retire! Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. “Honey you know why we can’t do that… right now the world wants us to fit in, so we gotta be like everybody else.” – Helen
    Dash is devastated, as not only has he been in the Principal’s office for the third time this year, but also because his mother won’t let him take part in sports. This is because Helen thinks that Dash is very competitive and a show-off. Helen feels that if Dash went up for sports that he would probably go impossibly fast and blow their cover and identity. I agree with Helen because Dash is an ambitious boy and would do anything succeed. Helen is just trying to protect her family from being revealed. I think she would let Dash try out for sports but she knows what he is capable of doing, disobeying her and going too fast.

    1. Thank you! Great stuff – yes, I do think that Mrs Parr would allow Dash to participate but she’s too frightened that he’ll blow their cover. Mrs Parr has to think of her whole family, whereas Dash, a young person, is very much focussed on himself.

  6. Emmilea Wilkinson 8Y
    ‘You always say to be true to yourself but you never say which part to be true to.’
    I think that Incrediboy feels confused about Mr Incredible’s words because it has always been his dream to work along side Mr Incredible, and when he gets rejected by Mr Incredible he fells really upset and angry. I do think that Incrediboy is being true to himself because he is following his dreams and he is determened to get there. He wants to fit in with the other super heroes because he wants to be respected like they are, and he even created his own inventions to show them how good he is.

    1. Thank you very much Emmilea! I totally agree -I do think that Incrediboy is being true to himself. He’s actually my favourite character, and I feel sorry for him. It’s a pity his dreams were more an act of revenge though!

  7. ‘The government quietly initiated a Superhero Relocation Program. The supers were granted amnesty from responsibility for past actions, in exchange for he promise to never again resume hero work.’(Media Reporter)
    It has become illegal for superheroes to practise hero-work because Mr. Incredible saved a man who was trying to commit suicide. Mr. Incredible also stopped a train that was about to fall off a bridge and most of the people in the train were injured. Moreover the man who was trying to commit suicide and the people that were injured in the train accident sued Mr. Incredible. The people around the world started suing other superheroes and the government thought if the superheroes are not doing any good anymore doing hero-work should be illegal.The law said their secret identity should be their only identity or else they (superheroes) had to leave.

    1. Thank you very much Sevval! You have discussed the terms of the quotation rather well and the impact that it has not only on Mr Incredible but also on other superheroes.

  8. ‘I also brought Mozart to play while he sleeps to make him smarter because experts say Mozart makes babies smarter.’
    (Kari, on babysitting techniques)

    Kari has learnt that taking care of babies isn’t an easy job. She doesn’t have any experience with toddlers and would take any advice from anyone. She probably got the information from the Internet for many teenagers who get jobs where they have no idea what to do. The Internet is very broad and she must have searched for tips when baby-sitting kids, and you can never guarantee every thing will be true. Her desperation shows average teenagers would do anything for their future to be good. Kari was trying to make money to probably do things her parents wouldn’t pay for.

  9. Emily Kim 8Y
    ‘Everyone’s special Dash’ (Helen)
    ‘… which is another way of saying no-one is.’ (Dash)

    Dash is disappointed because he wants to join sports like other kids his age, but because of his ridiculously fast speed he is not allowed to because he might expose his identity. What Mrs.Parr means by ‘everyone is special’ she means that everyone in their own way is different in their personalities, strengths, weaknesses and their abilities rather than what Dash thinks which is that its their powers that make them special.
    Dash’s response is that nobody is special.

  10. ‘You always say be true to yourself but you never say which part to be true to.’ (Incrediboy)

    Incrediboy feels a little bit confused about the maxim ‘be true to yourself’ because he’s does not really understand what Mr. Incredible means by it. When people say be true to yourself, it usually means that you should not listen to what other people say, and follow what you believe and trust yourself in every decision you make. Incrediboy may have thought about it in a different perspective. I don’t think that Incrediboy is being true to himself because the only reason why he is being the bad guy is because he wants to get revenge due to how Mr. Incredible has treated him in the past. He wanted to be like every other super-hero. He wants to ‘fit in’ with the other super-heroes by trying to save a town by destroying a dangerous machine that he made, to make him look like a hero and for everyone to respect him. He creates tools to make it look like he has special powers and sets up a machine to destroy a city but does not succeed because of some technical problems and the Incredibles saves the town instead.

  11. The ‘average citizen’ means follow the rights and responsibilities whether you are a citizen of the world, your country, your state, your community, or your family. You have to follow the rules, you have to participate in that group you are or a place you are. You should care for the other members of that group, and to care for the world in which the group lives. Superheroes have problems with this idea because they don’t have those possibilities to be an average citizen. They want something more than every average citizen has. The superheroes don’t like to follow the rules. It is boring for them to agree with government and follow their rules. There is however such a thing as an average hero. A hero can be an average man or woman in our everyday life. We always expect a hero to have a special superpower but a hero can be also a person without any power. To be a hero it is not important to have a superpower – it is important that the person who wants to be a hero like to make good things for people for example risking his life for a child. Not any person can risk and do such a thing as taking risk for another person. The title of the ‘hero’ should come after they prove themselves. The title heroic is not given by occupation, rather by achievement.

  12. “Sometimes I think“Sometimes I think I’d like the simple life, you know. Relax a little and raise a family…”
    In the interview, Mr. Incredible expresses that being a super hero is hard work. As he says during the interview he mentions that cleaned up mess turns into jeopardy again. I think that Mr. Incredible should be irritated by now because things are happening over and over again. The obvious pressure Mr. Incredible gets is fame. It’s like a pile of files lined up to be opened. People want to be recognized because it will terrific if you had a friend that has super powers. This doesn’t surprise me because being a super hero is a job for Mr. Incredible. Everyone gets tired of working. I honestly think that Mr. Incredible does want to be a super hero because it brings fame and self confidence in life.

  13. ‘it is time for their secret identity to become their only identity. Time for them to join us, or go away.’

    In the movie Mr.Incredible saves a man who did not want to be saved, then the man sued
    Mr.Incredible, and a couple of days later Mr.Incrdible saved a train from falling from a bridge. Citizens on the train were very upset with Mr.Incredible, that they all took it to court. The presiding court judge finally decided that its time for the heroes to become one of the citizens and that they should all live a normal life for good. All the super heroes were very disappointed because they want to save people from danger and they also want to earn more respect from the public.

  14. ”it’s not a graduation. He is moving from the fourth to the fifth grade… they keep creating ways to celebrate mediocrity but if someone is genuinely exceptional…” Mr. Incredible.

    The point Mr. Incredible is making about his son’s graduation is that he thinks it’s stupid celebrating Dash going from fourth to fifth grade and calling it a graduation when it’s not really a graduation. What he tries to say is that he doesn’t want to come to Dash’s graduation. He doesn’t like the fact that now a days that they make parties for everything or celebrate everything they possibly can. Everybody that doesn’t have superpowers looks up to super heroes.

  15. ‘Normal? What do you know about normal? What does anyone in this family know about normal? We ACT normal. But I want to BE normal.’ (Violet)

    Violet formed this sentence with a little resistance as most teens would. I do believe that it was something that teen would say. As a teen being part of the crowd or even having a friend is valuable in ways that you can only repay them back by being theirs. The difference between acting and being normal are enormous. Acting normal is like lying to yourself and the people around you. Being normal is a fact of who you are. Nobody really wants to be an outsider. Everyone wants to have friends and be in groups but their powers restrict that. I think that is what she was trying to get past withy this statement.

  16. “The best clocks have jewel movements, cogs that fit, that co-operate by design. I’m being metaphorical, Bob. Do you know what ‘co-operate by design’ means?” (Mr. Huph, boss of company)

    Mr. Huph uses the clock metaphor to describe how companies and businesses have to work together to function properly. He uses this because Mr. Incredible (Bob) isn’t co-operating, so the company isn’t doing well. Mr. Incredible can’t help a company that rips people off; his heart is too good for that, he wants to help. Just not Mr. Huph. This metaphor works perfectly with the subject of business, companies, society and even people. For example, for a company to make money from the government, all the workers have to pull an equal weight. But, when your company isn’t making, but metaphorically stealing money, how CAN you put your heart and soul into it.

  17. ‘Honey you know why we can’t do that…right now the world wants us to fit in, so we got to be like everybody else.’ (Helen)
    • Why is Dash so upset?
    • What is his mother’s point of view?
    • Is it a fair point of view?
    Dash is devastated, as not only has he been in the principal’s office for the third time this year, but also because…
    Dash is obviously devastated as shown in the movie. He is also upset about his family heritage and his roots and his powers because of the ability of not playing the sport he wants. This to me I think is pretty selfish because he is only thinking about his own needs and not his family’s needs. For example if his powers are uncovered this will make his family have to relocate to a new place or city. His mother’s point of view is more of a family orientated. She is willing to compensate and sacrifice for the needs of his family. She really wants to stay in the same place and wants to settle down for a long period of time, not 2 or 3 months. I think Dash’s mum is 100% right on this matter and Dash is wrong. This is because it is better not to rush into rash decisions and to savour the moment of time that you are. Like the old saying “Look Before You Leap”, this situation is basically the same.

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