The Incredibles: Planning The Essay

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Year 8: Planning The Essay On The Incredibles

In week 14 you will be expected to write an essay on the film title above. You will have two lessons for it: one to plan, the other to write the essay. However, before we can be expected to do this, a few lessons will be devoted to getting the information together.

The question will be:

Discuss how the film The Incredibles is about accepting differences and valuing people’s individuality.

To help you plan your response, the following questions have been devised. Please write in full sentences as this might help you write paragraphs later.

1)    Briefly summarise the film.

2)    Explain whether the characters with exceptional qualities/powers were portrayed realistically, or as super-humans.

3)    Discuss whether ‘normal’ characters/society had high or low expectations of the ‘supers’.

4)    Did the characters with exceptional qualities make positive contributions to others? Give examples.

5)    Describe the strengths that were portrayed by the characters with exceptional powers?

6)    Did these special individuals have the opportunity to make choices regarding important life decisions?

7)    Discuss the relationships the Incredibles/other Supers have with the ordinary citizens who do not have powers? Did they fit into society?

8)    Do the ‘supers’ have the same rights as ‘non-super’ citizens?

9)    Why do you think people would have more, or, less, positive attitudes about people with exceptional qualities/talents after viewing this film?

10) Through this film, what did you learn about people with exceptional talents/differences?





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