Essay Structure for Of Mice and Men


When writing an essay you need to ensure that you not only keep close to the question/topic being asked, but you have to discuss your ideas in detail. Therefore, your paragraphs have to be rather “fat” because “skinny” paragraphs suggest that you have said too little! Here is how you can do it!

An essay contains an introduction, body (paragraphs) and a conclusion –a beginning, middle and end. Similarly, a paragraph follows the same principle:


P: Stands for Point. You need to introduce your idea in relation to the topic. Sometimes you will hear the phrase Topic Sentence. It means the same thing. As a guideline, try to introduce your idea in 2-3 sentences minimum!!!!

E: Stands for EXAMPLE. This is all about supporting your claims with a quotation from the text. Your example has to be first-hand. BEFORE you lead into your quotation, you must finish your sentence with a colon (:). There are more sophisticated ways of introducing quotations – the HOLY GRAIL of every essay writer is to put them in as if it flows with the rest of the paragraph. A quotation containing more than 20 words should be indented 5 spaces from the margin. Less than twenty 20 words, it can be contained in the paragraph. Your quotation needs to be correctly referenced (I will show you how this is done). Oh, yes, and by the way it is called a quotation not a quote –quote is a verb ie “to quote”.

A: This is the hardest part of writing a paragraph! It is at this point when you really discuss the whole idea introduced at the start  which is supported by the quotation.

This is big business because you are showing your ideas /thoughts-and your ability to think deeply! Give a minimum of 4 sentences for this one!!!.

So as you may be able to see; follow this idea and you will have nice, big, fat, fleshy paragraphs.


What evidence from the text suggests that the characters are lonely dreamers?


PARAGRAPH ONE: George Milton-focus on “Loneliness” QUOTATION: p 31 & 32

PARAGRAPH TWO: George Milton-focus on “Dreaming” QUOTATION: p 145

PARAGRAPH THREE: Lennie Small-focus on “Loneliness” QUOTATION: p32

PARAGRAPH FOUR: Lennie Small-focus on “Dreaming” QUOTATION:

PARAGRAPH FIVE: Crooks-focus on “Loneliness” QUOTATION: p 105

PARAGRAPH SIX: Crooks-focus on “Dreaming” QUOTATION: p 106

PARAGRAPH SEVEN: Candy-focus on “Loneliness” QUOTATION: p 71

PARAGRAPH EIGHT: Candy –focus on “Dreaming” QUOTATION: p 87

PARAGRAPH NINE: Curley’s Wife –focus on ‘loneliness’ QUOTATION: p 125

PARAGRAPH TEN: Curley’s Wife –focus on “Dreaming” QUOTATION: p 124





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