Pike by Ted Hughes (ESL/Starter Activity)

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In Pike Hughes offers a far from Romantic view of nature in his depiction of this primitive and malevolent fish. The poem begins with a description of a baby pike, and we are given the impression that right from the very  moment of birth this creature is in possession of some pretty chilling characteristics.

Task: Re-read the poem over and over again highlighting descriptive words/phrases and imagery. Once you have compiled a list of the visual characteristics of the pike, try to draw the fish from memory by referring to the description of the poem.

Using cardboard design your pike based on the poem, and as a class we will prepare an underwater world. After we have completed our fish we can select quotations from the poem and label our pikes.


4 thoughts on “Pike by Ted Hughes (ESL/Starter Activity)

    1. it means a strong hold on something. You can’t get yourself to ool away.
      Think of the Cowboy stare downs you see allthe time on television.

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