The Destructors (Student Notes)

The story is about a generation who live in East London after World War II. The children create a gang called “Wormsley Common Gang” and they want to breake the laws. Blackie is the first leader of the gang but then Trevor comes and takes the power and leadership. He starts to rule the gang. Trevor is different from others


  • well-educated
  • evil
  • has no emotions
  • comes from an upper-class society
  • his father is an architect
  • organised and planned
  • a good leader
  • diferent from other gang memebers
  • wants the revenge of the war


  • hopeless and sad
  • loves to break laws
  • old leader of the group
  • a little jealous
  • mature
  • doubtful
  • not well organised
  • not educated well
  • a good leader
  • wants the gang to be famous

Old Misery:

  • old
  • has a lot of money
  • lives in a good house
  • poor
  • kind
  • generous
  • naive
  • experienced about wars
  • hopeful
  • happy


  • young
  • respectful
  • obedient
  • innocent
  • naive
  • in abetter relationship with his family above others
  • helpful

Truck Driver:

  • naive
  • experienced about destroying(destructing)


  • after World War II
  • East London
  • everything is grey in the story
  • Wormsley Common Undergrouns Station
  • gloomy
  • dark
  • hopeless
  • 1960′s
  • A new generation has been grown up
  • important for the development of the story


  • gloomy
  • dark
  • hopeless
  • sad
  • unhappy

note: Mood and tone is same in this story!


  • Mike wants to go to the church but none of the gang members wants is. He is obedient.
  • Old Misery was thinking his house before he came in. He had no idea about the destruction.
  • Old Misery was forced to climb walls into his own garden.


  • how children affected from World War II
  • a boy comes from an upper-class society wants his revenge
  • life in East London after the war


  • Trevor’s visit to Old Misery’s house; destruction
  • Trevor’s new and good ideas at the beginning of the story; a new leader is showing up
  • Trevor’s behaviours; no emotions(“love” and “hate”)


  • T’s behaviour towards Mr. Thomas(no harm,treated well)
  • T’s attitude towards Old Misery’s BEATIFUL house(he still wants to destroy it.)
  • Truck Driver’s behaviour to the destruction(we expect him to be guilty.)


  • old generation vs. new generation
  • gang members; naivete
  • T’s leadership; power
  • everything is grey; hopeless


  • creates the tension
  • helps the reader to emphasize with the story
  • grey,ash,beatiful!
  • creates the meaning of the story

because he was living in an upper-class society before the war. He wants to take his revenge by destroying a famous house but other members just want to show the gang’s power in the story.


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