Custody of the Pumpkin (Use of Humour)


  • obsession, Ambition,priority
  • social class difference
  • humuiliation
  • prejudice
  • materialism
  • arrogance
  • sarcasm and humour

Ways that creates the humour:

  • Use of similes:(like an elderly leopard, like a fish, like a setter… etc.)

It helps to understand the characters better by indirect characterization. Character’s actions and emotions are explained. It also creates the tone and mood.

  • Narration: Third person omniscient limited

It is useful for characterization. We can easily understand Lord’s attitude towards son. It creates the protagonist and it helps us to understand Lord’s thoughts and effects on the other characters better.

  • Diction: showing the class difference

It is useful for characterization. The category difference between the characters are outstanding. Repetition and exaggeration is also used to create the humuor.

  • Setting: It changes throughout the story. (Imagery)

With the help of diction and imagery, setting is created. Imagery is used here because ıt helps to understand and think about the story better.

  • Tone/Mood:

As the tone and mood is humorous, it creates the humour. It is created by character’s actions.

  • İrony:

Ironies also help the reader to think about the story, to feel the story and to feel the humour.


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