Her First Ball (Student Notes)

It is about a country girl called Leila who has never been to a ball. Her cousins invited her to a ball and she got very excited. She was very unexperienced about city life and balls. An interesting night was waiting Leila with a gorgeous drill hall and some weird partners. Leila was dreaming a beatiful life but she couldn’t find what she expected…

The story starts in cab, then ladies room. It is the introduction of the story. Rising action starts with partners. First and second partners starts to increase tension. When fat man comes to dance with Leila, climax starts. His comments is the part that the tension is the highest. After that, fat man’s leaving and 4th partner is the falling action. The forth partner and Leila’s dancing is very important but we can not call that climax. Finally, when the ball was over the reader comes to the conclusion and the story ends.

The author wrote this story with third omniscient person.(the “eye” of God) We can see everything with this method in the story, Leila’s feelings,the atmosphere etc. Unfortunately there are some things that reader can see but Leila can’t. The author also used an amazing method called stream of consciousness method. This method creates the excitement in the story. Leila was very careful in the beginning then at the end everything become a beautiful flying wheel. The author wanted to explain a lot of themes in the story like naivety, old generation vs. new generation and innocence. Every circumstance has a different tone and theme in the story that the reader can get thrilled easily.

The tone of this story is thrilling,exciting and different. Fat man and Leila’s dancing is very exciting in the story. Unfortunetly, mood is always changing in the story, We can say happy, excited, nervous, sad, disappointed, careful, relaxed, careless, fearful and thrilling for the mood of the story. When we look at the personifications, waltzing lamp posts,quivering jet of gas dancing, flags were talking can be ex. for it. There are a few ironies in the story but they make it stronger. The invisible hairpin can be the best example for irony.


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