My Greatest Ambition (Student Notes)

It is about a boy who wants to be a comic-strip artist one day. He explains his friend’s attitudes towards his job in first person narration. He draws his first comic and sent to a magazine for publication with the help of his friend. Magazine likes his comic and offers him some money. Lurie the protagonist becomes very happy and draws his second comic and again sends it to the magazine. Magazine rejects his second work and Lurie gets very disappointed. He grew out of comics after that…

Lurie:(Dynamic Character)

  • dreamer
  • changes his mind quickly
  • hopeful
  • exaggerative
  • 13 years old
  • anxious
  • impatient
  • isolated
  • careless about his father
  • confused


  • cares about only money
  • materialist
  • a great scoffer
  • impatient
  • not sophisticated
  • stubborn
  • humiliates his son

Michael Lazarus:

  • helpful
  • supports Lurie
  • put publication in Lurie’s mind


  • does not respond to Lurie
  • loves gossip
  • loves to brag about achievements
  • not so impressive on her son

Mr Randell

  • dishonest
  • fake behaviours
  • editor of the magazine
  • sees Lurie as a child
  • first person narration
  • the words and phrases used in parantheses
  • father’s weird accent(we see that the family is immigrant)
  • use of dialogues to create characterization and themes
  • good word choice
  • repetition of questions
  • organisation of story and language
  • Lurie’s own childhood memory

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