Horses (Student’s Notes)

“Horses” Poem by Edwin Muir

Saturday March 24th 2012, 1:04 pm
Filed under: Horses


In this poem the poet tried to portray a powerful image of the horses. He goes back to his childhood, and start to think about horses. He talks about industrial age in his poem but he always wanted to give the impression of the horses. The speaker in the poem is sad at the end, because of losing the memories. The literary devices and sound effects are important here to portray a good image of the horses.

Imagery is very important in this poem. Every imagery has a different meaning. The horses seem to be fearsome but at the same time adorable. İmagery and alliteration used to create the perfect image of the horses. Imageries and similes creates the effect of the horses’ actions on the speaker. Speaker find the horses also mysterious.

Tone always changes because of the speaker’s feeling about those amazing creatures. “ire of the wind” personification gives the impression that their movements are so sharp and enthusiastic. The repetition “fades” also suggests the loss of memory and sadness. Last stanza shows desire for old nostalgia.


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