Writing the Introduction for The Incredibles essay

Writing an Introduction

Below is the template we used in class to ensure that we are addressing the question (see assignment) and that we are also introducing other points relating to identity and so on. The main aim is to somehow get your five points that you are going to discuss in the intro. When you have finished writing it, ask yourself

  • Does it relate to the question?
  • Have I included five main points?
  • Have I referred to the film?
  • Does my introduction conclude?

Writing an Introduction

Pixar’s animated feature ‘The Incredibles’ (2004) is about accepting differences and valuing people’s individuality. In the film, the Incredible superhero family experiences ………………………………………… . Other themes relating to the concept of self and identity include _____________, ____________ and ___________________ .  (1-2 sentences relating explicitly to the film –an event that supports your ideas?) In addition to these ideas, the film also explores _____________________ and ______________. This is made evident to the viewer when _______________________________. (You might need a sentence to conclude the paragraph. Do not say ‘In conclusion’ )


Writing the Essay-The Incredibles

The Incredibles Essay-Grade 8

For most of you this will be the first time you will have ever written a formal essay for English where you are expected to select, insert and anlayse quotations to support your ideas. This is a major transition from dealing with plot, character and basic themes, and, are skills you will require for Grade 9/10 and beyond.

It is therefore crucial that we are more or less on the same page. A lesson ago we selected a quotation (from your Quotation assignment) which had been already analysed/discussed in detail. What we tried to do was to think about how that quotation fits into the question, and some of the points raised by the question. We look at PEA – Point, Example, Analysis (some teachers have different terms for this structure, but all boils down to the same thing).

Point –the start of a paragraph. Your first sentence is often called a ‘Topic sentence’, and introduces an idea that relates to the question. A couple of sentences discuss this point.

Example-usually a quotation. You introduce a quotation to support your point. Introducing a quotation to support your thoughts is a skill in itself, and we will have a lesson on this once we have the structure under control. The idea is that it should flow.

Analysis – We have actually done this in our ‘Quotation Assignment’ and we discussed the quotation in some detail. You may wish to change/add/edit this when you write your essay.


The question is:

Discuss how the film The Incredibles is about accepting differences and valuing people’s individuality.

Some of the ideas we brainstormed included

  • Fitting in –does fitting in mean loss of identity?
  • What is a hero? Are they unique individuals?
  • Marriage – does Mrs Parr accept that her husband is different and must be valued as an individual? Is she supportive
  • Normal –what does being ‘normal’mean? Is it possible to be ‘normal’ but still be an individual? Be unique?
  • Being true to yourself – what does this mean? What are the problems experienced about not being true to yourself in the film?
  • Family/siblings –differences and similarities, what makes a person unique?

1)      For each of these ideas, find a quotation from your assignment that best highlights the ideas above (select 6 quotations and analysis).

2)      Now create topic sentences for all six quotations, so you will have six paragraphs (you can include the one you did in class the other day).

3)      Do not write an introduction or conclusion-we will do this as a class together.

Select one paragraph and add it to the blog, so I can comment on your understanding and progress.

J Mayer

Preliminary Questions

The film begins with a series of black-and-white TV interviews of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone as they discuss issues like the frustrations of constantly needing to re-save society, having a secret identity, dating, and gender roles. The film then move to color to show Mr. Incredible saving a cat, stopping a robbery, meeting a boy who wants to be his sidekick, stopping a mugger, flirting with Elastigirl, saving a suicide jumper, stopping a bomber, saving Buddy (the boy sidekick who wants to be “Incrediboy”), stopping an elevated train wreck, and giving orders to the police all on his way to get married to Elastigirl. The scene ends with their marriage.


  1. Who are the characters introduced in this section? (Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone, Bomb Voyage, Incrediboy/Buddy) What are their super powers?
  2. How does Elastigirl feel about her powers in the interview? Why does she feel this way?
  3. Describe the relationship between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl.
  4. What do the superheroes get out of saving people? Why do they do it?
  5. Why does Mr. Incredible refuse Buddy’s help? What does this say about him?

TV newsreel footage of the end of the superheroes. Mr. Incredible was sued by the man who attempted suicide. Congress forced the superheroes to reveal their secret identities. They were relocated and went into hiding under new identities, and told never to use their powers again.

Scene Two:

  1. Mr. Incredible, now Bob Parr, works in an insurance office, where he routinely tells applicants how to find loopholes that will allow them to collect on their policies, even though he is supposed to deny payment whenever possible.
  2. Meanwhile, Elastigirl, now Helen Parr, meets with her son, the school principal, and the son’s teacher. The teacher says that Dash put a thumbtack in his chair, moving too fast to see. The teacher even tried to videotape Dash in action, but the tape is inconclusive. The principal dismisses Helen and Dash so he can deal with the teacher. As Helen takes Dash home, she tells him he needs to try to fit in more.
  3. Meanwhile, Violet, the Incredibles’ daughter, tries to talk to a boy, but then disappears when he talks to her.
  4. Bob returns home, cramped in a tiny family car. He slams the car door too hard and breaks a window. In frustration, he picks up the car to throw it, but is witnessed by a neighbor boy.
  5. At dinner, Bob tries to read the paper while his wife tries to tell him about Dash’s problems at school, and the brother and sister fight. It’s a typical dinner, plus super powers. Finally, Frozone, now Lucious, comes by to take Bob out for their weekly bowling night.






  1. What characters are introduced in this section? (Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack) What are their powers?
  2. What is Bob’s job? How long has he worked there?
  3. Why is Bob’s boss angry with him?
  4. Why is Dash angry?
  5. Is Dash a bad child?
  6. Is Bob happy with his life? Why?
  1. Is Helen happy with her life? Why?
  1. Is Violet happy with her life? Why?

Section 3

Time: 12:25


  1. Bob and Lucious sit in the car, listening to the police scanner and talking about the days when they were heroes. A mysterious woman watches them from another car.
  2. When they hear of a building burning nearby, they go to help. A couple things go wrong, of course, and they end up being surrounded by the police, who think they are robbing a jewelry store. Lucious freezes him, and they escape, laughing.
  3. When Bob gets home, he and Helen fight. Helen is concerned that his need to relive his past will make them lose their cover and need to move again.

When the kids overhear and come in, they stop fighting and make up. The camera shows their neighborhood at night: all of the houses are the same.

  1. The next day, at work, the mysterious woman from the night before quickly sneaks in and out of Bob’s office. Bob then gets nearly fired for helping customers get money from the insurance company. He finally loses his temper and throws his boss through five office walls.
  2. As he leaves from seeing his boss in the hospital, a government agent comes and talks to him about relocating, again.
  3. Bob goes home and finds the package left by the mysterious woman. It’s a call for him to return to work as a superhero. The scene ends with him looking at a wall of awards from his days of fame.


  1. Are Bob and Lucious doing anything wrong? If so, what? If not, why are they hiding?
  2. What does Helen think Bob has been doing?
  3. What does Bob mean when he says it’s better to relive the past than act like it didn’t happen? Do you agree?
  4. What does Helen mean when she says, “It’s not about you”? Is her comment relevant?





Section 4

Time: 7:20


  1. The scene opens with Bob drying out books with the hairdryer after the computer message from Mirage self-destructs and sets off the fire alarms. He then lies to his wife and says he’s off to a conference. She believes that he got a promotion.
  2. He takes a super jet to a hidden island where he defeats a giant robot. Later, he’s invited to dinner with mirage. He’s on a high, and they flirt during the meal. The scene ends with the words, “Everything is delicious.”


  1. What was Bob’s lie to his wife? What did she believe?




The Incredibles: Planning The Essay

Your Name:

Year 8: Planning The Essay On The Incredibles

In week 14 you will be expected to write an essay on the film title above. You will have two lessons for it: one to plan, the other to write the essay. However, before we can be expected to do this, a few lessons will be devoted to getting the information together.

The question will be:

Discuss how the film The Incredibles is about accepting differences and valuing people’s individuality.

To help you plan your response, the following questions have been devised. Please write in full sentences as this might help you write paragraphs later.

1)    Briefly summarise the film.

2)    Explain whether the characters with exceptional qualities/powers were portrayed realistically, or as super-humans.

3)    Discuss whether ‘normal’ characters/society had high or low expectations of the ‘supers’.

4)    Did the characters with exceptional qualities make positive contributions to others? Give examples.

5)    Describe the strengths that were portrayed by the characters with exceptional powers?

6)    Did these special individuals have the opportunity to make choices regarding important life decisions?

7)    Discuss the relationships the Incredibles/other Supers have with the ordinary citizens who do not have powers? Did they fit into society?

8)    Do the ‘supers’ have the same rights as ‘non-super’ citizens?

9)    Why do you think people would have more, or, less, positive attitudes about people with exceptional qualities/talents after viewing this film?

10) Through this film, what did you learn about people with exceptional talents/differences?